For professionals, professional furniture is the main concept of our company. Requirements for the assembly of objects of the hospitality industry are significantly different from those that apply when home improvement. Good furniture for a cafe, restaurant or hotel should not only be comfortable and beautiful, but also durable, safe, functional, wear-resistant.

We do not use materials intended for home furniture. All our products are designed for increased loads: we use only reliable frames with a large margin of safety and professional fabrics, whose performance properties are an order of magnitude higher than normal.

The company's own production is similar to the design office, which creates new models for individual orders. So we satisfy the demand for unique furniture, developing chairs and armchairs, tables and interior elements for each specific project.

We produce furniture in accordance with the standards of world hotel operators, we constantly monitor trends in design and technology. All this together allows us to produce really high-quality furniture that does not lose its appearance and retains its operational characteristics even after prolonged use.

Experienced hoteliers and restaurateurs prefer stylish furniture, practical to use, meeting the requirements of operating systems and housekeeping services. We offer our customers exactly this kind of furniture for hotels and other objects of the hospitality industry.

Trone Grande in numbers is:

5 reasons why customers choose Trona Grande

  1. We offer comprehensive individual solutions for equipping HoReCa objects with furniture, taking into account all the nuances and conditions of operation.
  2. We provide professional project support at all stages: from assistance in selecting models and fabrics to installation and placement of our products at your facility.
  3. We do not produce a mass product. But with us it is easy and convenient to create individual and unique furniture for a restaurant, cafe or hotel, choosing from a wide range of models, finishes, fabrics and accessories to your liking. Even if we do not have what you want right now, let us know and we will do it for you, or offer a suitable alternative.
  4. We recommend only the best commercial and cost-effective fabrics, components and accessories. Investments are profitable if money is invested in high-quality furniture that has served for many years - without loss of appearance, repairs and restoration.
  5. We love our work. And because our customers always get a little more than meet their expectations. This helps them not only to successfully develop their projects, but also contributes to our future cooperation.

What do you get

  • Any convenient way to choose furniture: according to the catalog, from the presence in the showroom, making to order according to your own drawings.
  • Save time and money. You do not need to spend time searching for contractors, and the prices for furniture are more affordable than the import of finished products from Italy. We make individual furniture to order in an extremely short time - from 3 weeks.
  • Unique and stylish furniture that we produce on the basis of original models from Italy, France and Scandinavia.
  • Prompt solution of logistics tasks and all issues related to the supply, delivery of furniture and installation. And besides, if you have forgotten something or need to buy something, we are always there, it's easy to do with us!
  • Quality warranty (18 months from the date of delivery) and after-sales service. All faults caused by the manufacturer’s fault are free of charge.
  • Restoration services. If after long-term operation the furniture loses the attractiveness of novelty, but it is so convenient that it is a pity to part with it - our experts are always ready to restore it.
  • Vivid impressions of co-creation. In any product you can add something of your own: make changes to the design of furniture, provide your own materials for upholstery, limit the palette of shades of fabrics used.

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